Current Show: Absent Bodied
Gallery is open Fri, Sat 2-6pm

Show dates -September 10 - October 1
Opening reception Saturday, September 10, 6-10pm

Absent Bodied

New works by Lela Brunet, Laura Vela and Liz Webb.
Opening reception Saturday September 10, 6-10pm.

A show that visually explores the expansion of consciousness, and the artist's interpretation of an out-of-body experience. Colors, forms, figures and abstraction fill this show by three very talented Atlanta artists.

Lela Brunet -An out of body experience is the phenomenon when ones consciousness is detached from the physical body and travels or exists outside of it. The aim of my work in this new series, Soul Travel, is to explore the various definitions and conceptions of the “out of body experience,” not so much as it relates to the body but its relationship to the mind. The female form is almost always the subject of my art. In this new body of work I want to get out of my “body” minded thinking and push myself to examine outside of those boundaries. Taking the concept of the out of body experience and through the extraction of my main subject, I am forced to explore outside of my comfort zone and create a new experience for myself and my art making. s.

Laura Vela -This series is about religious iconography and the pageantry of a religion I grew up exposed to, but no longer practice and its effects on my daily rituals as an adult. It is about tradition, about breaking it, and reimagining it. My normal practice is tight and controlled, in this series I am exploring more expressive solutions to my pieces and letting go and appreciating the traditions that shaped me and recognizing them as something other than religious.

Liz Webb -Liz Webb will debut new mixed media paintings, evoking a powerful visual sensory experience. She employs a detailed visual language through her use of psychedelic patterns, subtle manipulation of line/form/space, and incorporation of figures, textile design, abstract shapes, and other elements. Her work evokes a sense of physical dissocation with influences stemming from metal, punk, and psychedelic cultures.​

Gallery is open Fri, Sat 2-6pm

October show - New works by Margaret Hiden and Nick Maden

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