Current Show: A Southern Thang

Show dates - July 12 -26
Opening reception - Saturday, July 12, 6-10 pm
Closing reception Friday July 25, 7-9 pm

Southern Thang is a group show about summer in the South

A group show about summer in the South. Southern summer is a hot and glorious thing, full of critters, fried delicacies, elevated tempers, long evenings that never end and the distant rumbling of a thunder storm. Heat warps the air and slowly bakes the red clay landscape. Sweat is battled with cool drinks and big Ol' 'lectric fan. Come see a show about this season in the South with work by too many artists to count.

Some of the artist (not in any particular order) in the show include : Melissa Basham, Megan Mosholder, Steven Assael, Stacie Rose, Beth Lilly, Teressa Bramlette-Reeves, Lisa Tuttle, George Long, Marcy Starz, Mike Stasny, Nikki Starz, Cory McBurnett, Ellie Spresser, Joeclyn Reese, Ferel Fagiola, Laura Vela, Jenny Woodall, Jackson Price Henry, Tracie Hinnant, Chris Carder, Chris McClure, Leisa Rich, Stephanie Smith, Chris Neuenschwander, Grace Kim, Christine Lu, Windsor Reach, Robert Sherer, William Cash, Terry Stephens, Theresa Buchanan, Kristina Hamm, Rooth Stanford, Adam Hall, Erin Palovick, Adam Sanford, Erin Dixon, John Paul Floyd, Paul Rodecker, Angus Galloway, Margaret Hearin Hiden, Susan Cipcic, Donald Robson, Sarah Perez, Jessica Miller, Tim Flowers, and many many more who I cant recall at the moment.

Make sure to check out the driveway wall wheatpaste mural and yard installation by Chris Neuenschwander which debuts with the opening of this show.

Gallery is open Thur, Fri, Sat 2-6pm

Next Show: August 2 , New works by Liz Webb and Lela Brunet.

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