Current Show: Feel Good Now!
New works by Christopher Hall and Ron Saunders

Closing reception - Saturday, June 24 7-9pm

Show dates -June 3 - July 8
Gallery is open Thurs, Fri, Sat 2-6pm

Feel Good Now! is a show about the healing power of art, about joy, and about fun. Art can be good for the soul; it has the power to elevate and alleviate. It is a cause for celebration and it can be a good medication. On the surface, this notion of art being a tool to give pleasure, it can sound a bit trite and superficial, maybe a Band-Aid placed on what may seem to be the gaping wound of the human condition, but to the artists in Feel Good Now!, Ron Saunders and Christopher Hall, the ability of art to function in the role of providing pleasure is serious business - and business is booming! Ron Saunders’ inquisitive gestures, experimentations with paint applications, and the use of a beach ball as a paint support, demonstrate the importance of play. Christopher Hall’s focus on flowers as a stand in for beauty as a healing device is demonstrated by the layers of symbolism revolving around medicine and alchemy. The purposeful use of bright, bold and cheery colors are a testament to the concepts that lay behind their work, namely the healing power of art and the importance we should all place on play as an activity that can lead to happiness. Together their work invites the viewer to stop, relax, take a deep breath, and celebrate the joy found within the preciousness of our present moment in time. Christopher Hall and Ron Saunders playfully invite you to Feel Good Now!

Next show: South
4th annual group show, South. The Grand Salon of the South is a giant group show of small works.  Hundreds of small works fill the gallery. Artists display their very best in the Southern showcase. opoening July 15, 6-10pm


Gallery is open Friday and Saturday 2-6pm


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