Current Show: Have You Lived Here Long?
Gallery is open Thurs,Fri, Sat 2-6pm

Show dates -October 8 - October 29

Opening reception Saturday, October 8, 6-10pm
Closing reception Friday, October 28, 7-9pm

New works by Margaret Hiden and Nick Madden.

In an exhibition featuring new works by Nick Madden and Margaret Hiden, each artist creates in response to the question Have You Lived Here Long?, with loss being central to their interpretation.

Margaret Hiden is attached to other’s attachments and uses multiple collections to create an installation and a series of new photographic art. Themes surrounding illness, the afterlife, childhood imagination and that which cannot been seen are presented in colorful, playful and at times, dark ways.

Nick Madden’s work questions whether home is a place or an idea. While in hospice care dying from Alzheimer’s Madden’s mother would want to go home one moment and think she was home the next. This confusion, unease, and longing for home charges Madden’s work with complex emotions and a touch of the absurd.

Gallery is open Thurs, Fri, Sat 2-6pm

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