Current Show: Nick O' Time

Show dates - December 6 - January 3
Opening reception - Saturday, December 6, 6-10 pm
Closing reception Saturday January 3, 7-9 pm

Nick O' Time, a giant holiday group show at Kibbee Gallery, Saturday Dec 6, 6-10 pm. This is a group show of small contemporary works of all mediums by over 70 artists. This is a fun show with lots of affordable art that makes for perfect gifts.
Outdoor wall wheat paste installation by George Long,
Front Yard installation by Christopher Neuenschwander.

Some of the artists in the show include; Stacie Rose, Melissa Basham, Teresa Reeves, Lisa Tuttle, Liz Webb, Lela Brunet, Rose Barron, Margaret Hiden, Laura Vela, Christine Lu, Tim Flowers, Katy Malone, Chris Neuenschwander, Aaron Artrip, Erin Palovick, Ruth Stanford, Susan Cipcic, Jenny Woodall, Tracie Hinnant, Lauren Bishop, Adam Sanford, April Borchet, Rainey Rawles, Lindy Blosser, Ferel Fagiola, Suzi Selman, Erin Dixon, Eilis Crean, Cory Mcburnett, Liz Visscher, Chris Boyko, Adam Hall, Taylor Cox, Jules Cozine, Grace Kim, TigerWizard, Angus Galloway, Julianne Trew, Karen Bito, Terry Stephens, Jessica Scott Felder, Leisa Rich, Kritina Hamm, Laura Lewis, Ashley Anderson, Bryan Thompson, Julio Ceballos, Teressa Buchannan, Mike Black, Megan Mosholder, Charlotte Dillard, Chris Dziejowksi, Don Robson, Mark Schoon, Olga Sidilkovskaya, William Cash, David Doodleslice, and many many more.

Gallery is open Thur, Fri, Sat 2-6pm

Next Show: Jan 10 Wild Kingdom, a group show about animals.

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