Current Show: Score
Gallery is open Fri, Sat 2-6pm

Show dates -August 6 - August 27
Opening reception Saturday, August 6, 6-10pm

Opening reception 8/6 6-10pm
Live musical/sound performance.
New works by Claire Paul and Angus Galloway. The show is about movement, line, form and sound.
Claire Paul will debut new artwork based on field recordings, bird spectrograms, and musical graphic scores. Through mixed media and performance she explores the idea of Phonomnesis and musique concrète. This body of work will reflect on visual representations of sound and music inspired by audio software, spectrograms, and other means of sonic inspirations.
Angus Galloway shifts from drawing to 3d forms. Angus describes the new work, " Instead of drawing a line across a flat plane I felt as though I was standing inside pulling and connecting lines in the round. Ultimately, I wanted to broaden this idea by working with line that existed independently from its ground. I discovered a material that echoed the rhythm and movement I seek out in my mark making and I manipulated and shaped the forms in the same way I would in a drawing. Once I sculpted the lines, I examined the surface. Some of the works are coated with graphite to address their direct connection to lines taken from my drawings. Other works have been layered with rice paper allowing me to experiment with color and drawn lines melding into sculptural forms. "


Gallery is open Fri, Sat 2-6pm

September show - New works by Lela Brunet, Liz Webb and Laura Vela

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